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Wood Floor Sanding

FloorOX – A Leading Floor Sanding and Restoration Company in London

FloorOX is a trusted name when it comes to residential and commercial wood floor sanding and restoration across the United Kingdom. We have a team of professionals who have years of experience in working for both residential and commercial projects of all scales. The superior quality of work we provide will guarantee a 100% satisfaction on your end.

At FloorOX, we have earned the reputation of being one of the best floor sanding companies in the UK. This is because of maintaining years of outstanding services provided to each of our clients.

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The Benefits of Wood Floor Sanding by the Professionals

Whether it’s a commercial setup or a residential project, restoring a hardwood floor can be an arduous task. Sometimes, if it’s a smaller house, many of you might like to take up floor renovation as a summertime DIY project. It would be fun for those who are really into hobbies like this. However, it can soon become a tiresome job or even worse, you might make some major mistake and end up with a messier floor situation.

The Challenges and Why You Need Experts

Renovating old solid wood floors is no joke and you can run into many issues. It can be extremely challenging when you try achieving uniformity by sanding and coating timber floors on a large scale. Therefore, seeking a professional solid wood renovation company for floor restoration is always the best way to go. At FloorOX, we ensure you get quality floor fitting and overall good experience. Our skilled engineers use only the best sanding machines to work on all types of floors.

The Steps Involved

As professionals, we take every step carefully to create a durable and flawless end product. For this reason, we have devised a simple yet effective workflow.

We focus heavily on sanding the floor. This is because sanding is an essential part of the entire restoration process. If sanding is not done properly, then the floor will remain uneven. Moreover, if it’s not noticed early within the process, then your dream of a flawless hardwood floor will end right there as unevenness cannot be concealed with polish. This is when you stop regretting hiring professional services because it costs more!

We begin by preparing the floor for sanding. First, we punch down the nails that have come out of the wooden boards and panels. Next, we get rid of all layers of the old coating and fill up the holes with adhesives to make the floor surface flat. Then we start sanding the floor to make it uniform. We use the latest edge sanders in cases of hard to reach areas and edges.


Dust-Free Sanding Experience

We take pride in providing dust-free sanding experience for our clients. After sanding a hardwood floor, it is essential to protect them from dust, and we ensure that by using dust-free sanding equipment from the top-level companies. These machines have dustbags designed to capture all dust emitted during the sanding process. We then dispose of the bag to make sure your home stays clean.


At Floorox, we offer a no-dust, no-mess work, whether you want hardwood floor sanding, parquet, or engineered floor restoration. Floor renovation works usually also need floor repairs, especially when parquet blocks or original pine floorboards are sanded, since they may have been in use for a long time before restoration began. So, we always check the floors, carry out the repairs, replacing damaged floorboard or parquet blocks, using the fitting size and aged ones reclaimed from projects. Unlike a few others in our industry, we have moved on from drum sanders to belt machinery. This makes the sanding work practically dust-free.

Process of Dust-Free Floor Sanding

First, we use a coarse-grade paper for an overall sanding. This takes out any old finishes and smooths out any unevenness on the surface of the wood. In cases where no prior renovation has occurred, there may be shellac from the Victorian era, which quickly fill up the sanding pads. A medium-grade paper is used to lightly sand this surface by hand. Finally, we use very fine-textured sandpaper to remove the minutest imperfections, providing you with a smooth surface.

Our Service is More than Just Floor Sanding

When we talk about floor sanding, we mean a wholesome service where we include several elements such as filling gaps between the boards, give special attention to the parquet floor, and engineered floor. This way, we can create the perfect even base for further renovation work.

Gap Filling

The floorboards and parquets have spaces between them, and this gap also needs to be filled up. This is an essential component of the floor restoration service. The gap-filling involves using a paste made from a mixture of sawdust and a special flexible wood flooring glue and stuffing the space between the individual floorboards with this.

Using the fine sawdust coming from your floor then sanding it, we ensure a gap-filling paste that has the same colour as your floorboards.

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Parquet Floor Sanding

When we do parquet floor restoration, we pay close attention to details because of its unique pattern and structure. Sanding of parquet floors involves craftsmanship, not merely machine work. We pride ourselves in being able to transform dull, worn-out floors into bright new ones, which you will treasure, whether at home or in the office, through the sanded parquet floors we provide.

Renovation of Engineered Floors

Today, many opt for engineered flooring, since it provides the same wonderful looks of the natural wood as solid wood flooring, while offers greater flexibility and a higher level of tolerance to moisture and temperature variations.

Sanding engineered floors has to be done always with great care since here only the uppermost layer can be sanded and the sanding capacity is limited. While today the market has some thicker alternatives of up to 6mm that can be sanded several times, the bulk of engineered flooring products have 3-4 mm thickness, as they can be sanded once, or with great care twice. Our long experience in sanding engineered wood enables us to distinguish between those that can be sanded and the cases where sanding is no longer a viable option.

What We Promise You

Floorox guarantees timely delivery of all kinds of floor restoration services. This includes sanding and coating wood floors which are the essential components of our service.

The finish of a solid wood floor makes a huge difference when it comes to the interior of a room. Thus, we make it a point to complete all our projects with extra care to revive the liveliness of the room. This is turn helps us earn the trust of our clients.

Quality work comes at a higher price. However, we try to offer affordable rates as we want to reach out to an extensive client base.

We value and handle all projects with equal sincerity. From large scale projects in commercial areas like offices, gyms, restaurants, or schools to simple and complex residential projects, we will always ensure a few basic measures mentioned below:

  • Superior sanding quality of all wood floors
  • A dust-free experience
  • A secure workspace during the entire project
  • Speedy service from trustworthy professionals

Our company serves across East London, Central London, North London, Essex, and Hertfordshire in the UK.

Each flooring type requires different forms of effort. Thus, the cost varies for every project. Since we work with almost all types of floorboards including pine, oak, and maple, we cannot put up a generic price here. Contact us for information on price quotations or any other queries you might have. We would also love to show you more of our before and after photos of the floor work we have done.

Let us give your old floor a complete makeover so that you can fall in love with your home again!

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