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Stairs Sanding And Restoration Services: Why You Need Them

A wooden staircase brings elegance and a classy edge to any property, be it residential or commercial. But it’s not limited to aesthetics. Wooden stairs can be quite durable if you use superior floorboards and flooring finishes.

When we think about sanding and restoration, however, we often think only about our wooden floors. Many times, we forget to take the wooden stairs into consideration. Every small detail matters when it comes to wood floor maintenance and that includes the staircase. Old stairs amidst newly renovated wooden floors can kill the look entirely.


Making A Lasting Impression

A place with a beautiful solid wood floor and stairs can make a lasting impression. However, you must regularly maintain them to retain their appearance. Stairs are used heavily in sites like schools, and commercial places such as offices, gyms, and restaurants. These stairs often start wearing down fast due to the constant heavy traffic and call for subsequent sanding and restoration.

Stairs sanding and restoration are a somewhat arduous and time-consuming process since you have to use primarily manual labour and smaller sanding tools. But it’s worth it. A freshly restored wood staircase can completely change the ambience of a place.

You must note a few factors before continuing the floor installation process.

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Restore Your Existing Wooden Staircases

Wooden staircases can be sanded from time to time to bring back its beautiful natural look. With the help of a professional wood flooring company like Floorox, you can restore your existing wooden staircases so that it blends flawlessly with the wooden floor.

At Floorox, we renovate old stairs as well as help with fitting new stairs at all types of residential and commercial spaces across the United Kingdom. We are a company with several years of experience in floor and stairs sanding and restoration. We operate in East London, Central London, North London, Essex, and Hertfordshire, among other places in the UK.

Why Do You Need Professional Help To Renovate Your Stairs?

If you enjoy DIY projects, especially home renovations, you may want to work on the hardwood floor and the wooden staircase on your own. However, if you lack the necessary tools, it can be a challenging task to strip back the old floorboards due to the shape and angle of the stairs. In such a case, hiring services from a company can help you a great deal. A wood flooring company such as Floorox works with superior quality, dust-free tools to achieve perfection without any hassle.

We have a team of fully trained experts who can work on any wooden stairs and floors that include solid wood, engineered floor, and hardwood floor. Before working, we provide an extensive consultation so that we understand what you are looking for and we can help you find the best solutions.

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What We Use

For the sanding process, we use more than three grades of sandpaper to get rid of any old sealant and replace it with multiple coats of varnishes. We have expertise in working on any kinds of wood such as pine, oak, and maple at a very reasonable cost.

Stairs Sanding Technique

Sanding a staircase is far from easy. It is not a simple project that you can achieve with a palm sander. It’s not a good idea to treat it as a DIY project just for fun or to save some money, because if you make mistakes, it would ultimately cost you more to fix the stairs.

You need experienced professionals to work on the old worn out stairs with appropriate equipment. At Floorox, we provide top-quality staircase sanding services in several areas across the UK. Our price varies from project to project based on various factors like the type of wood, time required, and so on.

When we sand wooden floors, we take proper precautions to prevent any damages to the furniture in the room. Typically, we shift the furniture from the working area so that they don’t get covered with sawdust or dirt. We do the same thing while sanding the stairs. The only difference is that we cover the furniture instead of moving them since they are not placed directly on top of the stairs.


Next Steps

Next, we do a thorough checking of the entire staircase to see if there are any jutted nails to avoid injuring ourselves or damaging the tools. We promptly hammer the nails or extract them if we find any.

After making the surface ready, we start the sanding process. Unlike a normal solid wood floor, sanding stairs is a much more delicate and intricate task. To achieve the precision at angles, we use edge sanders to remove any old coating from the surface. If we cannot reach an area with edge sander, we fall back to sanding and scraping manually.

Next, we clean and prepare the sanded areas for gap filling. Gap filling is a necessary measure to ensure there are no remaining empty spaces between the boards. After filling the gaps, we remove extra fillers and smoothen the surface by sanding with a finer grit. This step makes the surface ready for applying stains and completes the process.

Why Choose FloorOX?

Floorox has a team of trained professionals with years of experience in sanding. We ensure safety during the entire sanding and restoration process. Our team has experience in working on a variety of woods and under different conditions and circumstances. We have lengthy discussions with each of our clients to make sure both parties are on the same page about the requirements.


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