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Wood Floor Staining Services In London

Floor staining is an effective solution to match the colour of the wooden floor with the rest of the room. Changing the colour of the furniture or fitting new floor is not a practical option while giving a new makeover to your room. This is where the process of wood floor staining comes in handy.

Staining of the wooden floor allows your floor to match the colour and décor of the furniture and the room without worrying about replacing the entire flooring with a new one. There are different methods of staining a wooden flooring. The usage of these methods depends on the type of existing flooring and timber.


We Work On Different Types Of Floors

Staining can be applied on a variety of floors like the hardwood floor, solid wood floor, parquet floor, and engineered floor. We specialise in working on different types of timber such as pine, oak, and maple. The skilled staff from our company will be able to help you choose the right stain for your floor.

For the best results, the process of staining should be done after the floor is levelled by sanding. While the idea of staining by yourself is tempting, we recommend you use the services offered by a professional flooring company to ensure perfect finishing. If you live in the United Kingdom, FloorOx is an excellent choice for you as we operate in areas like East London, North London, Central London, Essex, and Hertfordshire among other locations.

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Types Of Wood Staining

Enhance the beauty and character of your wood floors with professional staining services from FloorOX. Our team of skilled craftsmen is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and transforming your floors into stunning masterpieces. Whether you have pine floorboards, solid oak flooring, or engineered oak flooring, we have the expertise to provide outstanding staining solutions that meet your unique style preferences.

We believe that wood floor staining is an art form that can breathe new life into your space. Whether you have pine floorboards, solid oak flooring, or engineered oak flooring, our team of professionals is here to transform your floors into a stunning centrepiece. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us unleash the true potential of your wood floors through our expert staining services.

Staining Engineered Oak Flooring

An engineered oak floor is stained after the process of sanding of the floor is completed. People choose to colour their engineered oak wood floor to achieve a fresh look.

However, there are times when staining on these floors are done to conceal the imperfections resulting from sanding. Engineered flooring can be sanded carefully for a limited number of times as it has just a single top layer of natural timber. The thinner the engineered floor is, the thinner the top layer of natural wood gets. It can be quite challenging to sand an engineered floor with only 3-4 mm top layer. This may lead to uneven sanding of the top layer where one spot may get sanded more than other spots, and the floor may end up with an imperfect finish. This is a case where staining is used as a solution to cover the flaws and blend them with the rest of the floor and attain a uniform texture.

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Staining Pine Floorboards

Pine is a softwood which makes the process of staining quite easy. Pine plank staining is a part of the restoration of the pinewood floor. The grain of this timber resembles that of several other timbers such as oak, teak, and walnut. This makes it easier to stain pinewood and match with other species.

Staining Solid Oak Flooring

If you are planning to add a more chic edge to the interiors of your home, you can stain solid oak flooring. Although the colour of natural oak timber is quite beautiful with no added colour, you can still stain it to achieve a more vibrant look. You can use the oak wood staining process on any flooring like engineered floor and parquet floor.

Insulating A Timber Floor

To insulate timber floors you may need to repair and clear any existing damage, rot or infestation under your floor. Also, ensure that ventilation areas are not blocked by your insulating material.

Insulation of timber floors can be achieved by fitting rolls of mineral fibres in between the joists by netting or by using solid insulating floorboards.

Staining Process Of Wooden Floor

Staining is a part of the restoration process which brings out the natural beauty of a hardwood floor. It is part of the varnishing process, whereby the flooring is made smooth.

Varnishing or waxing as it is also called has the following components. Using a vacuum cleaner or a soft broom, the dirt, grime, and all unnecessary materials are removed. A damp mop is used after this. Unless the dirt and residue of the top layer are properly removed, the finishing can be damaged.

Next Steps

Then a buffing machine is used to restore the shine of the polished timber. It cleans the floor as well as removes all marks.

Then a sealant is used, taking care to choose according to the type of wood and the floor condition, the age of the wood, how it has been used, and so on. You clean and dry the floor, then you polish it, and seal it.

Once this process is finished, you get a clean, beautifully coloured, shiny, and well-protected floor.

Lastly, drying will take between two to four hours, and full curing will take between 24 and 72 hours. So the client can walk on that floor after as little as four hours, but for fully opening the floor, or using water on it, it is best to wait for anything between three to five days, depending on what material has been used and what we recommend.

You can be sure that your floor will look more alive after the treatment.


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