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Our commercial flooring project gallery showcases the impressive and diverse range of flooring solutions we have provided to businesses and organisations. At FloorOX, we take pride in delivering exceptional flooring installations that meet the unique needs of commercial spaces.

Original Pine Stairs Restoration In Walthamstow

Restoring original pine stairs can breathe new life into a property, maintaining its historical appeal.

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Stair Sanding Project In Upminster

If you have a stair sanding project in Upminster, here's a brief look at what you could get.

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Stair Restoration in Romford

The stairs restoration project in Romford showcases our dedication to revitalizing historical structures for contemporary use.

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Original Stair Sanding in Woodford Green

Not only will this eradicate any signs of wear and tear, but it will also give your stairs a fresh, enhanced look.

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Original Pine Stairs Restoration in Walthamstow

Restoring original pine stairs can breathe new life into a property, maintaining its historical appeal while adding to its resale value.

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Stair Restoration Project in Walthamstow

The Walthamstow Stair Restoration Project focuses on renovating historic stairs in northeast London's Walthamstow.

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Stairs Sanding and Restoration

Stair sanding and restoration services revitalise staircases' appearance and durability with specialised equipment and skilled techniques.

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Wood Floor Staining

Wood floor staining services transform wooden floors, adding depth and character with various customised colour options and expert application techniques.

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Wood Floor Gap Filling

Wood floor gap-filling services use specialised techniques and materials to address gaps in flooring and improve the surface's appearance and integrity.

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Wood floor installation services expertly lay down wooden flooring, ensuring precision and quality for a durable and visually appealing result.

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