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Underfloor Insulation Services In London

Isn’t it nice to feel warmth beneath your feet? Not just your feet, an overall warm home is a haven when it is cold outside.

Underfloor insulation helps you keep your home warm and have a lower energy bill at the same time in the UK. In comparison, you can save a substantial amount of money per year.

Although it’s smarter to get floorboard insulation done by professionals, gaps and droughts around skirting boards and floors can be fixed yourself with a bit of sealant available in any local DIY stores. It’s important to note that adequate ventilation would be required to prevent your floorboards from rotting, hence make sure to ventilate underfloor air bricks in your outside walls.


Insulation For Different Types Of Houses

You would find a suspended timber floor in older houses, which can be insulated by raising the floorboards and putting insulating material like mineral wool in between joists.

Newer homes in the UK are likely to have concrete foundations. If needed this can be insulated by replacing or laying a rigid insulating layer on top.

The upper floors of your home generally do not require insulation if the bottom floors are insulated adequately. But it’s important to insulate any areas in the house which lay above unheated spaces such as the garage as you might end up losing a lot of heat there.

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Benefits Of Underfloor Insulation

Underfloor insulation provides homeowners with a multitude of benefits. By insulating the floor, you can significantly enhance energy efficiency, leading to reduced heating costs and lower energy bills. It also improves thermal comfort by regulating indoor temperatures, keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Additionally, underfloor insulation acts as a sound barrier, minimising noise disturbances from both inside and outside the house.

It helps prevent moisture and dampness issues, ensuring a drier and healthier living environment. Furthermore, underfloor insulation contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint. With quick installation and long-term savings, underfloor insulation is a wise investment that enhances comfort, saves money, and promotes a greener lifestyle.

Quick Installation And Long-Term Savings

Underfloor insulation is relatively straightforward to install, especially during new construction or renovation projects. Once installed, it requires minimal maintenance and can provide long-term savings on energy bills throughout the life of your property.

The initial investment in underfloor insulation is typically recouped through energy savings within a reasonable timeframe. Consult with a professional insulation provider to determine the most suitable insulation material and installation method for your specific needs.

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Why Choose FloorOX?

Floorox has a team of trained professionals with years of experience in sanding. We ensure safety during the entire sanding and restoration process. Our team has experience in working on a variety of woods and under different conditions and circumstances. We have lengthy discussions with each of our clients to make sure both parties are on the same page about the requirements.

What Type Of Floor Does Your House Have?

It is more important to determine your floor type before deciding on how to insulate your floor. Understanding the floor type will allow you to get an idea to achieve optimum effectiveness when a company comes to work on insulation. If you are living in the United Kingdom, then the following ways might come in handy:

If there is a basement or cellar in your house, you will be able to see the joists and the undersides of the floorboards from below. This signifies a suspended timber floor.

If you can see ventilation structures in the external part of your house, then also it’s likely to be a suspended timber floor.

If your floor surface is inaccessible, you will have to lift your carpet and see the surface beneath to determine the types of floor.

If you live in a flat and there are flats beneath yours, you don’t need to worry about insulation.


Insulating A Timber Floor

To insulate timber floors you may need to repair and clear any existing damage, rot or infestation under your floor. Also, ensure that ventilation areas are not blocked by your insulating material.

Insulation of timber floors can be achieved by fitting rolls of mineral fibres in between the joists by netting or by using solid insulating floorboards.

Floor Insulation Process: How Does It Work?

The benefits of a well-insulated house are not limited to just comfort but also it lowers heating costs. In colder areas, such as northern Europe and the United Kingdom, and the cold winter seasons, everyone needs a warm home but not one which costs a fortune.

Here we help you under the floor insulation process so you can weigh your options and make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a company to work on it.

Installing insulating materials requires you to keep a couple of things in mind. For example, making sure not to damage or tangle the electrical lines running beneath the floors, ensuring that the ventilation areas underneath your house are not blocked and so on. Hence, it’s advisable to get your insulation done by a professional insulation fitting service.


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